Areca Plam Small

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How to take care of the plant:

  • It needs very bright light without direct sun.
  • Room temperature is the right temperature for it, from 18 to 27 degrees Celsius approximately.
  • Do not irrigate until the top surface of the soil dries.
  • Areca palm is a moisture-loving plant, so it is preferable to spray the leaves with a regular mist of water.
  • The basin must be changed to a larger basin when the basin is full of roots, and this should be every two or three years.
  • Ensure that the compost is evenly moist but not soggy and let any excess drain away. Water less in winter, keeping the soil just moist.
  • Areca palms need a humid environment, so mist the leaves a few times a week with tepid water or stand on a pebble tray that is topped up with water.
  • Feed every couple of months during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer.

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