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How to take care for the plant:

  • Dracaena Lemon Lime is a medium-sized plant, growing up to 4’ to 6’ feet tall. This easy-care houseplant is capable of growing above 20’ feet tall. It is characterised by prominent corn-like green leaves, usually 2’ feet long. As the plant grows, it loses its initial leaves and forms bright green variegated foliage.
  • Dracaena lemon lime plants rarely produce flowers. They may produce small, almost invisible white flowers when given indirect sunlight in summer.
  • They prefer plenty of bright indirect light to maintain their bright, vibrant colour. Avoid the direct sun at all costs. Even though the perennial plant may perfectly thrive in low light, it is better to provide it with medium light. Too much direct sunlight may fade the leaves’ colour while too little light may make the leaves thin and wrinkled.
  • Considering this, it is ideal to provide warm temperatures between 70° to 75° degrees Fahrenheit (21° – 24° C). The plant may also survive at 53° degrees Fahrenheit (12° C), at a minimum, for a short amount of time.
  • Generally drought-resistant without strict water requirements. They do well with a low to moderate level of watering. Water the plant when the soil begins to dry out. Avoid over watering to prevent the leaf tips of the plant from turning harsh resulting in brown leaf. Make sure to always use clean water, lacking harmful chemicals like chlorine and fluoride.
  • When the plant is actively growing, which is usually in spring and summer, apply a dose of a weak houseplant fertilizer or slow-release fertilizer once or twice a month. There is no need for plant food in the months of fall and winter.
  • Dracaenas prefer fast-draining soil combined with lava rocks. Loose, well-aerated soil also works best for this vibrant plant.
  • The plant should be transplanted in spring or summer when it is actively growing. For re-potting, choose a larger pot and fill it with potting mix. Make sure it is 2″ inches wider than the current pot and has a proper drainage hole. Before transplanting, make sure to water the plant in its existing pot. Firmly lift off the soil base using hands. Separate the root ball from the soil and place it in the centre of the pot. Cover the pot with soil, especially around the root ball. Gently tap it with a spade or hands to firm the soil. Next, water the soil until it is moist and the roots are well established.
  • Help Dracaena look fresh and neat by cutting back their lower leaves, which they usually shed as they grow older. Avoid using a leaf-shine spray on these plants.

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