Dracaena Marginata Holland

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How to care for the plant:

  • Filtered indoor light (such as through a sheer curtain in front of a sunny window) or a semi-shade spot is an ideal location. Never place a dracaena plant in direct sun, as the rays will scorch its foliage.
  • Dracaena require less water than most indoor plants. Keep them hydrated by misting the leaves with water and keeping the soil lightly misted (never soggy) as well with good drainage. Always allow the top soil to dry out before watering. Do not over water, as it may cause root rot. Drooping or yellowing leaves could indicate over-watering or poor drainage.
  • The bottom leaves beginning to turn yellow and fall. It is normal for Dracaena to shed leaves in order to grow new ones.
  • Sensitive to fluoride, which can be found in tap water, so it’s essential to use purified water. Leaves with dark brown and dead areas with yellow edges may indicate fluoride toxicity.
  • Dracaena prefers temperatures ranging from 65 – 78℉ during the day. Night temperatures can drop about ten degrees cooler, but cold drafts and temperatures below 55℉ will harm the plant. Make sure that you display it away from any heating or cooling appliances.
  • Toxic to cats and dogs, if eaten. Cats may have dilated pupils, and both cats and dogs can present symptoms such as vomiting, excess saliva and lack of appetite.
  • Dracaena plants are generally free from serious insect or disease problems. However, you should watch out for mealybugs, spider mites, and scale. Mealybugs and scale can both be treated with an insecticide that contains pyrethrin.

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